I have been telling stories through images and written word for as long as I can remember, using everything I've learned over the past decade to turn my passion into profession.

Now I work with individuals and businesses to share their stories - whether it's capturing the most special moments in their lives with portrait and event photography, going on assignment for an editorial, or working with small businesses to strategize and create content that speaks to their audiences.

When I'm not behind the lens or tapping away at the keyboard, I enjoy teaching and practicing yoga, hiking, cooking, painting, and unabashedly appropriating my husband's southern heritage. I live in Connecticut with a husband, a hound, a toddler, and a very diverse spice rack.

A compulsive storyteller and record keeper, I use this space to share my own journey as well.

Specialties:  Content Marketing, Photography (Portraits, Events, Editorial, Open Space, Real Estate, Restaurants, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Small Business) 

Instagram: thedamnyankee