Elephants & Ambitions

My worst habit is that I wait for ideal conditions to do things. I’ve spent the last year saying, “when I have more time...”, and, “when I’m getting more sleep...”

But then I realized how quickly that can lead to putting your ambitions on the back burner. All of a sudden a year goes by and you haven’t done the things you intended. What if I’m tired for the rest of my life? Then what happens? So, I won’t be using that as an excuse anymore.

Over a year ago I had the idea to do a collaboration with Mobile-based artist Kathleen Kirk in response to the Trump administration’s decision to allow ivory trophy imports. The idea was that we would each draw one half of the same bull.


There’s still some work to be done, but it felt so good to pull him away from where he had been resting in the corner between my desk and the wall; to take pen to paper and give him some life. I’m not sure what will come of him, but at least he’s not waiting on me and my excuses anymore.