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If you were to browse through my Ravelry favorites, you’d find pages of sweaters I’ve wanted to make but have been too apprehensive to cast on. It’s intimidating - the thought of committing that kind of time and money to a project where mistakes can’t be easily undone. But, after making what seems like countless baby items, I was ready in November, and I went for the big guns.

Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks has a gift for design, specifically a knack for piecing color and texture together in ways that you wouldn’t expect. Earthy fiber selections coupled with dynamic elements make her pieces feel somehow modern and timeless all at once.

Zweig incorporates lace, color work, and cables knit up with a fingering weight wool that makes the sweater versatile, beautiful, and engaging to knit. The x-pattern not only adds a delicate detail to a practical piece, it also creates a flattering fit from a straight body.

I am so proud of the finished product. There is something incredibly special about creating a quality garment for yourself. I love the idea of filling my closet with meaningful, handmade pieces that I can keep by my side for a lifetime.

Pattern: Zweig
Author: Boyland Knitworks
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Diamonds for Doodle

Knitting was a skill I learned on a whim in college and now, 16 years later (oh my god), it’s one of my favorite activities. I love that it’s both creative and methodical. I love that it can be as simple or complex as I want or need. I find it incredible to look at a finished product and think about how the whole thing is just one long piece of string arranged in a special way to create something new.

I’ve really started to love making kids sweaters. They’re a great way to practice new techniques without a huge time commitment, and the girls always need new sweaters. This December I volunteered to be a test knitter for Big Red Balloon’s new design, String of Diamonds. They are one of my go-to designers for kids sweaters. Hailing from Iceland, Big Red Balloon’s designs are full of the warmth and texture befitting a nordic winter. This design features a doubled-up collar and a single cable panel for extra warmth and squish. The pattern was released on Sunday (January 9) and is available in her Ravelry store.

If you’ve been wanting to try knitting a sweater, this is a great pattern to start with. The structure is relatively simple, and the cable adds a lovely detail that also helps create a flattering fit. Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed is a nice starchy new wool that really showcases structural details and finishes very nicely. I especially love the earthy quality of their fibers and colors.

Doodle loves her “new purple sweater” and has barely taken it off since it came off the needles. Now, if only I could get her to stand still for a photo…