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Deck the Halls: Magnolia Garland

For Bernie, dry magnolia prompts memories of hours spent raking the yard of his childhood home in Metairie (but I’d be willing to bet a bit of sentimental nostalgia as well). To me, the sweet leathery leaves bring with them an understated elegance alongside wild imaginings of Garden District grandeur. Our home is cozy and perfectly suited for the tartan and greens that come with the holidays - preferably enjoyed with a fire in the hearth and old fashioned in hand.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the carryover decorations we’ve had over the years, I’ve always wanted to put a more handmade touch on my hall decking. At the top of the list is a magnolia garland for our mantle. This year I was thrilled to find reasonably priced branches at the PopShop Market. I layered magnolia with evergreen and red berry branches, then wove through copper-wire fairy lights and gold pinecones. The end result is a full, fragrant, handmade garland that brings our home comfort, joy and maybe even a touch of that southern grandeur I love so much.

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